College Controversial Homework Topics

  1. The importance of the school prayer at early childhood education institutions.
  2. Hunting should be restricted to some environmental areas.
  3. The government should forbid alcohol sales after 10 P.M.
  4. Higher education should only be accessible to good students.
  5. International satellite news broadcasting poses a threat to indigenous cultures.
  6. Is there justice for social minorities?
  7. The most appropriate age to start smoking or using alcohol.
  8. When can people start voting?
  9. 25 years of prison instead of the death sentence
  10. Can alcohol completely destroy human brain?
  11. Doctors should be allowed to prescribe medical marijuana for severely ill patients.
  12. It is crucial for women to develop a career before marriage and get kids.
  13. It is illegal to produce and sell tobacco
  14. Agnosticism can be simply defined as skepticism regarding theology.
  15. Are non-alcoholic energetic drinks dangerous?
  16. Passive smokers suffer more than active
  17. Nuclear power is a viable energy source for the future.

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